Playapod 2.2 Update

Playapod 2.2 has been officially released and adds subscription view improvements, additional playback speeds, additional sleep timer settings, sorting by last listened date, and editing of show categories that allows for custom grouping of your podcast subscriptions.  Here’s the complete feature list:

  • Subscription display improvements that includes media types (ex: “Audio”, “Text”, “Video”) and stats (ex: “200 Items. 5 Downloaded.  23 Hours Listened.”). Custom groups will display this information too.  
  • Slow down media playback or speed it up with multiple new playback rates.  Media playback speed is now configured with a slider from 0.5 (half speed) to 2.0 (double speed) and all values in between.
  • New sleep timer options from 15 minutes to 8 hours using a slider bar.  Long pressing sleep timer button allows for quick edit of the setting.
  • Added sorting of episode lists by last listened date which is great for quickly finding episodes you have recently listened.
  • Swipe up or tap the new queue toolbar button from the now playing screen for quick access to your now playing and playlist queues.
  • Subscription menu adds editing of category name which allows for custom grouping of your subscriptions.
  • Tapping title bar in any view scrolls to top.
  • iOS: Improved popup view to allow more than 4 actions.
  • iOS: Replaced UIWebView with WKWebView per Apple recommendations.
  • Android:  Android Auto improvements per Google recommendations.

Download Playapod for Android from the Google Play Store.
Download Playapod for iOS from the Apple App Store.

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