Playapod 2.4 Update

Playapod 2.4 has been officially released and includes support for basic HTTP auth for private feeds, the ability to share episodes at a specific time, and support for additional audio format. In addition, we have made some website-specific improvements. Here is a rundown of the new features:

  • Added support for basic HTTP auth for private feeds! Adding the RSS for a feed that requires auth should prompt for login and subscription will be added after entering your credentials.
  • Added new sharing methods that include shortened URLs that link to the Playapod website. Also includes the ability to share episode at a specific time which will play on! Website auto-plays at specific timecode.
  • Added support for .m4b audio files in the external media manager.
  • Added support for email login and registration directly through the website.
  • Added support for playing podcasts without being signed in. Note: Your progress history will not be saved until you sign-in.
  • Added support for subscribing and unsubscribing to feeds directly through the website (sign-in required).

Most of these features and changes were requested from listeners, so please continue sending us your comments and suggestions via the App Settings “Send Feedback” link. We really do read any and all feedback.

Download Playapod for Android from the Google Play Store.
Download Playapod for iOS from the Apple App Store.


  • Jim H

    Please tell me how I can have my playlist/queue sort order be persistent. I like to have it sort ascending, so I check that option and it works ok, but every time it is updated with new episodes, (playlist or queue,) it reverts to default settings. Also, I cannot contact you any other way than this. If I go into settings and select Send Feedback, I get a message that says, “Please set up an active email account to provide us with feedback.” I am logged in to the app with a valid, active email account. I don’t use social media.

    • Hi Jim, the queue and playlist sort is a one time operation. Adding new items to the playlist puts it at the end of the playlist. So after adding items you would have to sort again or use the grippers to arrange manually. The ordering of the playlist is persistent but sorting is not. Would it be helpful if we added an app setting that always sorted the playlist a certain way?

      Regarding e-mailing support (which is our preferred method of communication), all you have to do is setup your Default Mail App in Settings/Mail.

  • AndyL

    Love PlayaPod but am trying to balance maintaining my current backlog of unlistened ‘casts while reducing my oversized data load.
    I’ve reduced my downloads per ‘cast – would a fetch-reduction help as well??
    Also have some available iCloud capacity if that might be helpful?

  • Alireza

    Hey great guys. Do you use hashing or similar techniques to track progress of individual files? Because I use to sideload most of my episodes (not feeds) via Syncthing from PC to phone, and I wonder can you support this?

    Also, if your answer to my first question is hopefully yes, then can I ask for not hashing metadata or any similar methods that makes file prone to mismatch after any change to metadata? I remember one ebook reader that
    was great but had this issue and, well Calibre always merges metadata before sending a book to a device, and progress could get lost.
    Thank you for this life saving tool. Happy new year 🎉

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