Playapod Version 1.3

Playapod Version 1.3 is packed with awesome new features including show favorites, custom show settings, additional playback rates, progress bar improvements, new popup menus, and more:
• Favorite Shows – Group your favorite shows together at the top of the “My Podcasts” screen for quicker access. Drill down into the new “Favorite Shows” group to see only those episodes you care most about. Marking show favorites is synced across all devices.
• Custom Show Settings – Utilize this feature to override playback and download settings on a per show basis. All shows will use the global app settings unless custom show settings are configured.
• Show Action Menu – New popup menu allows users to share shows, change show settings, toggle show favorites, view show info, refresh show feed, mark all episodes as listened, delete downloads, and unsubscribe. Dialog popup appears after long pressing on any show on the My Podcasts screen and includes navigation buttons to quickly navigate through the show list and apply custom actions.
• Episode Action Menu – New popup menu allows users to share episodes, change show settings, toggle episode favorites, view episode info, mark episodes as new or listened, clear episode progress, delete downloads, and add/remove episode from playlist. Dialog popup appears after long pressing on any episode includes navigation buttons to quickly navigate through the episode list and apply custom actions.
• Playback Rate – Added additional playback rates of 1.0x, 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x, 1.4x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2.0x. Playback Rate can now be set for individual podcasts within the show settings. Playback Rate will default to the value specified in app settings if not specified in the show settings. Playback Rate button on the Now Playing screen adjusts current playback speed but does not alter existing App or Show settings.
• Progress Bar – Scrubbing the progress bar will now snap the media position to the end of each listened area which makes it easier than ever to continue where you left off. Bookmarks are given priority as snap points on the progress bar.
• Settings Screen – Reset button added to the toolbar to allow reverting back to default app settings or clearing custom show settings. Settings Screen includes a tab bar that allows switching between App or Show Settings.
• New Popup Actions – Shows can now be marked as Favorite from the show popup menu using the Heart button. Progress bar history can now be cleared and episodes can be marked as new using the Episode Action Menu.
• Minor Improvements – Added Share App button to the My Podcasts toolbar. Bookmark button changed from a heart icon to bookmark icon to reduce confusion between the show and episode favorite buttons. Fixed displaying incorrect information when navigating episodes and media was stopped. Fixed issue with resetting of current position when toggling playback while streaming.


  • Jon Jermey

    One very nice feature that a rival app has is the ability to select an episode and say ‘Mark all episodes that are older than this one as listened’. That would be very handy for fans of podcasts like Ultima Thule, which is up into the thousands of episodes by now.

    It would also be nice to have a ‘swipe left’ for episodes in the list to mark as listened and ‘swipe right’ to add them to a playlist or mark them un-listened.

    Having said that, this is a great program, and the ability to synchronise across devices is wonderful. But I do think your opposition has some nice features that you could usefully adopt.

    • Playapod

      Thanks for the suggestion! Right now you would have to mark an entire show as listened and then mark individual episodes as new. We’ll add your ads to the todo list. Cheers

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