Playapod Version 1.3.1

Playapod 1.3.1 has been released to both iOS and Android platforms.  This is a minor release that increases stability and reduces network bandwidth usage.

Android and iOS Changes

  • Implemented a quick save function that occurs every 5 seconds of playback.  If app is killed or crashes there will now be minimal loss of progress data.
  • Navigation apps will now pause Playapod audio while speaking instead of lowering (ducking) the volume.  Requires iOS 9 for this feature to be enabled.
  • Fast forwarding while at the end of a podcast now navigates to the next track instead of stopping.
  • Episode titles were improved to remove show title plus white spaces and dashes.  Example: If the Show is “Tech 411” and the Episode title is “Tech 411 – Hello World” then Playapod will display “Hello World”
  • No longer caching the “Popular” shows list which was generating too much network traffic to server.
  • Added Firebase Crashlytics so if app does crash we get detailed reports to help us fix the issue.
  • Download Episodes popup setting changed values to reflect “Episodes” vs “Shows”

iOS Fixes

  • Playing streaming media will now timeout after 10 seconds of not playing.
  • Database insert/update improvements for handling bad characters.
  • Show settings reel icon is now same size as app settings gear icon.

Android Fixes

  • Audio focus improvements so bluetooth can play media without launching the app every time.
  • Fixed layout bug / rotating playlist icon.
  • Fixed download notification crash.
  • Fixed reset of settings crash.


  • Stephen Mark Garrett

    I love this podcatcher. However, I have a 32 GB IPad. My data
    Is taking up 10gb. How can I and what is the best fix foramount of data in settings?

    • Playapod

      You can disable cellular downloading of mp3 files. Also upgrading to the latest version will greatly help. Cheers

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