Playapod Version 1.3.2

Playapod 1.3.2 is a minor update mainly for performance and stability but includes some new features too:

  • Major episode syncing improvements which improves performance while using less network.
  • Now playing screen can be tapped to quickly toggle between episode text and cover art.
  • Now playing screen no longer times out for easier access to controls while driving.
  • Added “Playlist Removes Listened” setting that will remove episodes from playlist when listened.
  • Added 15 minute sleep timer setting.

iOS Changes

  • Fixed crash when subscribing to 10% Happier podcast which made us 100% sad.
  • Fixed media position resetting to 0 on route change.

Android Changes

  • New Download Location improvements using SAF
  • Several stability fixes based on new Crashyltics reports (which are much better)

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  • Christian

    After downloading the latest update, I can no longer download any podcasts. The download icon briefly changes to the “rotating arrows” but nothing happens.

    This makes the app useless to me, and I really liked the convenience beforehand. (Android 4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini)

    • Playapod

      We did make changes in this release to how we store data for custom download locations. Do you use a custom download location in the settings? If so it might be best to try picking a new one. Regardless, can you tap Report Problem so we check out the log file?

    • Playapod

      Please update to the latest version as the download issue has been fixed for older Android devices.

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