Playapod Version 1.3.3

Playapod 1.3.3 is a minor update to fix bugs and improve stability:

Android Fixes

  • Improved album art / color generation handling in Now Playing
  • Menu footer now refreshes when opening the menu
  • Fixed crash with new tint analysis function for episode cover art
  • Fixed “Playlist Removes Listened” feature breaking ability to play the next or previous track
  • Fixed download issues on older Android 4.x devices

iOS Fixes

  • Fixed playlist rearrange behavior that would swap playlist items instead of inserting at the drop position.
  • Fixed crash that could occur from audio interruption
  • Fixed issue with state of play/pause button which could become out of sync

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  • Geoff Thomas

    I know you guys are constantly making this a better product, and I love it. Here is my dilemma:. I recently bought a new truck and it allows for ‘projection’ through Android Auto. My old podcast app ‘Doggcatcher’ is allowed through Android Auto, however Playapod is not. I have no idea why. Is there something that can be done to have Playapod to be recognized through Android Auto, so I don’t have to go back to my old podcast app?? Thank you guys for all of the TMSoft apps!! You guys are awesome!

    • Thanks for the message Geoff. We are currently working on a solution for Android Auto and expect it to be available in version 1.4 so be on the look out! Thank you for your support!

  • Michael Tucker

    Hey all, I’ve been following Playapod for a few months now, and migrating my pod feed over to your app. I’m a convert. I love the clean look, the simplicity, the control I have over my feed, the ability add DLs to playlists or not. I use it daily. I’m promoting it among my friends and my twitter compatriots.

    And now here’s the ask, based on my extensive use: I now have a feed that’s so broad I’d like a way to organize it better. I use Stitcher because there’s content there I can’t get anywhere else, but one aspect I like about that app is the ability to group my feeds by self-ordained content.

    Similarly, I have used other podcast apps (many, actually) that give you a running total # of hours of listening time. It’s a byproduct of our tendency to quantify our lives, it gives me a strange sense of achievement, but I’m not alone in this certainly. Any thoughts of including this kind of a feature in upcoming versions?

    Thanks again for your considerable efforts in this app.

    • Playapod

      Michael–Thank you so much for the feedback and the kind words. Those are really great suggestions. It’s been on our todo list for a while now to offer that kind of statistic for Playapod (and even our White Noise apps). We’ll assign a higher priority to the feature as you’ve completely sold us on its value. The assignment of shows to custom groups/categories is also on the todo list. Thanks again for your support! Cheers, Todd

      • Sean Perkins

        I wouldn’t have used Michael’s phrase “tendency to quantify our lives”, but I’d certainly add my name to the list of people requesting the “total playlist playing time” feature. It’s one of the nice touches I’ve found in another app I use. I haven’t tried Stitcher, but my current non-Playapod-go-to podcast app has this feature and also gives me more options for creating and organizing multiple playlists. I don’t know what would sell you on the value of the playing time feature, but the value to me comes in knowing at a glance if I have enough content stacked in my playlist to allow me to listen for a given task. For instance, if I know that I’m about to start a road trip that’s going to take roughly four hours, I can pack a playlist that gives me at least four hours’ worth of playback with episodes of my favorite podcasts and know that I won’t have to touch my phone again while I’m driving. I can just set the playlist, start playing, and go. I imagine others would find this feature useful for similar reasons.

        I understand why a feature like this wouldn’t be high on a priority list as far as development is concerned, as it may not fit in with the overall design goals for the app. If implemented poorly, I can see how it might add clutter to an otherwise clean and simple interface. I just wanted to chime in with my own perspective on such a feature’s value. For now, I feel like a more important goal would be improving the current app’s behavior, but that’s just my non-developer’s opinion. I’m glad to see the progress it’s made so far, and I anticipate more in the future.

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