Playapod Version 1.4.2

Made a lot of fixes in this update but also added a couple features too:

  • Displaying total listened time in the show list (minutes, hours, days) for each individual show and for the All and Favorites group.  Show listen times are now synced between cloud and app.
  • Sharing the Podcast Show will now share the Website URL if available.  Otherwise it will share a link to download Playapod.
  • All and Favorite groups now display episode dates after show name.
  • Push notifications now allow for calling a live show.
  • Show listened stats will be updated if the progress ranges of all episodes being merged is greater.  This helps with bringing back stats of shows that were unsubscribed.
  • No longer filtering the episode list to 1,000 items when you are fetching more.  A new limit of 10,000 items is applied to the All Group in order to help with performance.
  • Lots of improvements to syncing logic.

iOS Changes

  • Changed episode dates to be in the format ‘Aug 8, 2018’ vs ‘8-8-2018’ to match Android.
  • Fixed sharing shows, episodes, and from settings screen which did not display share sheet correctly on iPad.
  • Fixed issue with episode website links when sharing.


  • Improved performance when using a different storage location for podcast files.
  • Fixed syncing of favorite shows after login.
  • Fixed refreshing of the show list which caused app to constantly scroll to top.



  • Christine

    Thank you

  • Vincent

    I love the interface. Very well designed, nice buttons, easy to read. ( Using ver. 1.4.3).
    Two Questions:
    i) Is there a way, to load MP3 audio files ( much older podcast format.mp3 files), and be played using the PlayaPod application? Load from an onboard directory. This would be a lovely capability.
    ii) can the playlist be formatted according to show date?
    I like the flexibility of being able to move individual files within the playback list. However, there is no obvious way to sort the playlist files on a date basis, such that they can be sequentially played Ascending, or Descending order, according to show production date.
    Keep up the good work!!

    • Playapod

      Currently there is no way to manually add mp3s although it’s on our roadmap. There is also no way to sort the playlist although that feature has been requested before. We could add a setting to specify where to add new items such as “top” of list, “bottom” of list (current implementation), “oldest first”, “newest first”. Please feel free to respond to this comment and let us know your thoughts!

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