Playapod Version 1.4.5

Another minor update for Playapod that adds a couple features for iOS and Android.  Android receives a few extra features including support for Android 9.  Also fixed a couple bugs.

  • NEW: Improvements to Login UI, login flow, and with e-mail verification.
  • NEW: Auto download will now download in order of oldest episode first which will help keep your playlist ordered nicely.
  • NEW: Android: Allow download of multiple episodes at same time like iOS
  • NEW: Android: Android v9 improvements with new service & media session logic.
  • NEW: Android: Automatically moves existing downloads when switching download location (or clear download flag if episode couldn’t be moved)
  • FIX: Android: Navigating to next track loses progress.
  • FIX: iOS: Playing to end of stream and hitting play to restart didn’t update playback rate label.

Thanks for using Playapod!  Please update your review to let us know how we are doing. Cheers

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