Playapod 2 Features

Playapod 2 Now Playing Media Bar

PLAYAPOD 2 HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED! After months of beta testing we have finally released Playapod 2 for Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Thank you for all your feedback on how to make Playapod better! Check out all the features we added to Playapod 2 below: Now Playing Media Bar – Quickly access whatever is currently playing by […]

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Help us make Playapod better!

We need your big ideas! The Playapod team is thinking about the next big version and we would really like to hear your thoughts! Fill out our feedback form which takes less than a minute: If you haven’t tried Playapod for a while, it’s a good time to check out all the improvements we’ve made!  Download Playapod here: Thanks […]

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Playapod Version 1.4.5

Another minor update for Playapod that adds a couple features for iOS and Android.  Android receives a few extra features including support for Android 9.  Also fixed a couple bugs. NEW: Improvements to Login UI, login flow, and with e-mail verification. NEW: Auto download will now download in order of oldest episode first which will help keep your playlist ordered […]

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Playapod Version 1.4.2

Made a lot of fixes in this update but also added a couple features too: Displaying total listened time in the show list (minutes, hours, days) for each individual show and for the All and Favorites group.  Show listen times are now synced between cloud and app. Sharing the Podcast Show will now share the Website URL if available.  Otherwise […]

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How to Move Your Podcast Subscriptions to Playapod

Playapod App Icon

We’ve made switching from your old podcast player to Playapod simple.  You can download current subscriptions by exporting OPML files and importing them to Playapod.  Here are instructions for the most popular podcast apps.   iTunes  Log in your iTunes account and click on Podcasts. Click File > Library > Export Playlist. “Save As” an OPML or Podcast Subscription File […]

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Playapod Version 1.3.3

Playapod 1.3.3 is a minor update to fix bugs and improve stability: Android Fixes Improved album art / color generation handling in Now Playing Menu footer now refreshes when opening the menu Fixed crash with new tint analysis function for episode cover art Fixed “Playlist Removes Listened” feature breaking ability to play the next or previous track Fixed download issues on […]

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Playapod Version 1.3.2

Playapod 1.3.2 is a minor update mainly for performance and stability but includes some new features too: Major episode syncing improvements which improves performance while using less network. Now playing screen can be tapped to quickly toggle between episode text and cover art. Now playing screen no longer times out for easier access to controls while driving. Added “Playlist Removes […]

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Playapod Version 1.3.1

Playapod 1.3.1 has been released to both iOS and Android platforms.  This is a minor release that increases stability and reduces network bandwidth usage. Android and iOS Changes Implemented a quick save function that occurs every 5 seconds of playback.  If app is killed or crashes there will now be minimal loss of progress data. Navigation apps will now pause […]

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